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As a Crypto-Native cross-network community-founded Non-Profit organisation, that has been initiating, supporting and promoting projects to expand reach and potential of Blockchain & Web3 web 3 ecosystems

We are missioned to be flexible, nimble and adaptive to the needs of the decentralisation communities. We are an interdisciplinary team of researchers, designers and developers distributed around all corners of the world

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Take back the web!

Blockchain & Web3 web 3 are about people taking control
of their digital activities into their own hands


In pursuit to ECF’s mission to respond to community needs, we have been supporting and funding the development of Web3 web 3 & Blockchain infrastructure infrastructure grow growth. It is clear to us that there is a scarcity in legitimacy in Web3 web 3, hence our big idea of communication: “Legitimacy doesn't grow in a black box”.


We're building a platform to help communities and new members see through crypto projects’ black boxes to improve the coordination of information and provide clear context to discover legitimate Web3 web 3 projects worth of participating in, using and funding. We hope to create a reliable source of knowledge and information from which community’s attention extends beyond economic values to public goods.


ECF Network Platform is providing the frameworks for the foundational layer, information and trust for decision-making that empowers people to improve their well-being by getting the know-how & tools so they can control their identity, data, and assets through providing the mechanism for community to govern and own a ledger of our collective and immutable history of the achievements and lessons.
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Our grants legacy

As one of the first cross-network community initiatives, ECF was first conceptualized at Devcon 3 in 2017 in Cancun, Mexico and officially started in 2018 in Tokyo, Japan under the advisorship of Ethereum Foundation

The early community of Ethereum builders (MakerDAO, Status, web 3 Web3 Foundation, Cosmos, OMG Network, Golem) founded ECF as a grants program to support the development of critical infrastructure and public goods in the ecosystem

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List of
previous grantees

As time goes by some projects have been rebranded or discontinued, hence the broken links and redirects
If you represent any of these projects and would like the info to be updated, please write to
A pilot study with ECF + Gitcoin was previously conducted. With the initial study as a success, ECF deplyed $10,000 a month to continue supporting open source infrastructure projects.
Prysmatic Labs
Prysmatic Labs is developing Prysm, a full featured sharding client for *Ethereum 2.0*, that can process transactions faster than ever.
Reality Check
Crowd-sourced verification for smart contracts.Realitio provides a flexible mechanism for verifying real-world events for smart contracts.
Swingby Protocol
The warp-speed protocol for inter-blockchain swaps. Swingby enables fast, verifiably secure atomic swaps between blockchains. It’s non-custodial and neutral
POA Network
POA products are for people who believe the Ethereum protocol must be cheap, fast, scalable and secure. We focus on the tools and infrastructure that matter most to blockchain users and developers. Engaging with POA will help you experience and create a first-class application on our platform. Welcome to POA!
The immutable package manager to easily and safely consume, distribute, and manage any smart contract system
web3j is a lightweight, highly modular, reactive, type safe Java and Android library for working with Smart Contracts and integrating with clients (nodes) on the Ethereum network.
Fourthstate is an implementation of Minimal Viable Plasma by a group of student at Blockchain at Berkeley.
Patrick McCorry
Actively involved in key research projects to make state/payment channels on Ethereum faster and more secure. His collaboration and research with other key projects leaded to the Systemisation of Knowledge of current state channels research and implementations.
Specialized State Channel library for Turn-Based Games, comprised of a Solidity library (DGame.sol), and Javascript client library for application state management based on redux.js (DGame.js). The team is also actively doing research on an ArcadeumChain, a layer-2 POS network built on Tendermint that uses our state channel architecture to build a game-specific chain that requires longer-term persistence.
Magmo State Channels
The force-move games framework is an attempt to build the simplest possible state channel framework that’s still practical for real-world use. The framework is designed only to support turn-based games whose moves don’t depend on time or data that is external to the channel. By focussing on a restricted set of games, we are able to specify the full, on-chain dispute resolution process, handling an area of complexity that would otherwise fall to the application developers.
Juejin Ethereum Community
all the way from Beijing, this team has been working arduously on Ethereum Community Growth in the Chinese City. If you happen to be around this side of the world, we encourage all projects to reach out to them and find out how they can help the project grow in China. Juejin also handles translations, a big stepping stone towards broader accessibility of educational materials and more awareness.
SecurEth is working on smart contract development guidelines and organize security community unconf events before Ethberlin. The deliverable of the project is a presentation at the security unconf before EthBerlin and a blog post sharing the insights and learnings from unconf.
Clovers Network
Clovers Network is a game, an artwork and an educational resource. At its core it's a game of luck that results in the discovery and creation of new NFT artworks called Clovers. Throughout this gameplay users learn about and partake in common crypto-economic mechanisms like challenge-response/counterfactual proof (to save gas costs on transactions), commit/reveal (to prevent front running attacks), private key management (to accommodate a scale of user experience levels), proof of work/proof of search and bonding curves/curation markets.
ETHSecurity seeks to build a community around the practice of secure smart contract development and smart contract auditing. The outcomes of this project include a set of interviews to research the security needs of the Ethereum ecosystem and an accompanying report to propose next steps and possible projects, a Wiki that houses resources for developers and auditors, a Discourse to allow community discussion, bi-weekly community phone calls, and the co-facilitation of a security event around EthBerlin and a possible follow-up event around Devcon4.
Denode is a fully decentralized, open-source solution that simplifies access to Ethereum in a safe and reliable manner and incentivizes users to run full nodes.
Universal Logins
Fund an implementation of "Universal Logins" as described by ERC 1077 and 1078. Increase the usability of ethereum by creating a login system that uses ENS for usernames and a client side private keys to sign and send messages to a contract holding funds.
Mimo is a standard for creating and maintaining a singular decentralized online identity. The standard aims to build a common interface by which decentralized applications and other web3 technologies can host user experiences without having to possess user information directly. Mimo hopes to architect a future in which decentralized identities will allow for seamless user experiences where users can use a private, consolidated, and unified representation of their digital self, allowing for fluid transactions across any application and giving the user the power to distribute their data as they see fit.
Smart Contract Theory
The broad aim of my research is to solve problems in algorithmic game theory (AGT) and mechanism design (MD) that arise in the blockchain world.
Knowledge Base
The project focuses on creating aesthetically-focused explainer pages covering the most fundamental Ethereum concepts that answer introductory questions for new users and enthusiastic developers that wish to know more about this space. The goal is to cover Ethereum, blockchain, smart contract, web3, private key management and most used ERC standards with compelling visuals that are not only entertaining but easy to explain without any prior knowledge of blockchain.
HiBlock community
We are building Chinese blockchain community, in special from Ethereum, including following: 1. daily content promoting by wechat from March 2018; 2. technical meetup (20+) and hackathon 3. online course ; detailed please visit (in Chinese); all of community is open.
Ethereum Magicians Council
The Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians is an informal organization dedicated to the improvement of the technical infrastructure of the Ethereum ecosystem, especially through the creation, discussion, and implementation of high quality EIPs and ERCs.
The immutable package manager to easily and safely consume, distribute, and manage any smart contract system
Blockchain & DLT Solutions. We don’t develop blockchain promises, we develop blockchain results.
Turn complexity into confidence. Runtime Verification designs formal models for high-value application domains, then uses the models to develop domain-specific products and services focused on correctness and security.
Pig World
We build a ethereum casino, and we use the off-chain channels already, so player do not need to wait the block confirmation and pay any gas fee. (In our PG channels, we don't need to open the channels at beginning. Our solution is more simple than funfair) But this is not final solution, We still want to build a Plasma system to achieve lower gas used, more throughput TPS, and p2p game. we already have a sketch, and have a big promise that we can complete. if we get the Grant, we will build the Plasma system as open source.
EOS Bounty
Currently “ConsenSys” is seeking funding for a submission that we are posting on the Bounties Network. We plan to use this bounty to fund valuable research in the Ethereum community as it pertains to the various dynamics of architectural and performance characteristics between EOS and Ethereum. With this bounty, we will be enlisting the services of a provider that is capable of network emulation and testing of code bases within these software platforms while assessing the benchmarking between the performance of software platforms in our ecosystem. Through this research we hope to attain clearer understanding of the costs and benefits between different software systems as well as to gain better knowledge on where different platforms fit into an overall technology paradigm.

Leaderboard of
previous granters

Members made direct donations to the grantee projects as well as through ECF to supports its operations

OMG Network OMG Network

$659,754 USD

MakerDAO MakerDAO

$492,200 USD

Golem Golem

$489,922 USD

Status Status

$457,000 USD

Web3 Foundation Web3 Foundation

$96,000 USD

Mix Marvel Mix Marvel

$50,000 USD


The organisation's Roadmap

"The truth, It is a beautiful and terrible thing, and should therefore be treated with great caution"
— Albus Dumbledore

That's is how we think of our organisation, and this is how we plan to move forward with it

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  • 2018

    A community

    ECF's first iteration was as a Non-Profit organisation that was founded by the Ethereum communities to serve as a grant program that supports the development of the general Web3 web 3 ecosystem

  • 2020

    A network
    of funds

    As a second iteration our grant program was upgraded to support the ecosystem's projects growth by providing strategic consultation and connections to a network of funds

  • 2023

    A platform
    for funding

    Our third iteration is a decentralised Web3 web 3 project knowledge network (advised by Ethereum Community Fund), a community-coordination App where everyone can publish, discover, contribute, share and fund Blockchain & Web3 web 3 projects