Everyone, Contribute, Future

“ECF aims to be flexible, nimble, responsive and adaptive to the needs of the decentralisation communities.”


A Tale of ECF


The Ethereum Community Fund (ECF) is a non-profit initiative founded by, comprised of, and operated for the community.

ECF was conceptualised at devcon3 in 2017, initiated in Feburary 2018, officially launched by the funding members MakerDAO, Status, Web3 Foundation, Cosmos, Omisego and Golem, in March 2018 in Tokyo, under the advisor-ship of Ethereum Foundation.

  • 2018 – ECF: grant distribution program

  • 2019 – ECF Network: a coordination program and an open network of funds

  • 2020 – ECF + EveryoneCanFund: decentralised public, open, direct funding platform (under development)

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Donation Leaderboard & Expenses

1. Omisego

659,754.94 USD

2. MakerDAO

492,200 USD

3. Golem

489,922.47 USD

4. Status Network

457,000 USD

5. Web3

96,000 USD

6. Mix Marvel

50,000 USD

Donation Expenses

Full disclosure of all expenses from donations received.

Expenses Document

Join Us

It’s difficult to be on an adventure alone.

The ECF is now officially open for new members to join. This offer is inclusive of all who share our vision of expanding the reach and potential of our ecosystem.

Members may donate directly to the ECF by designating funds for general purpose ecosystem use, they may setup a dedicated grant program within the ECF to support specific objectives in the ecosystem, or they might work with us to construct something totally new with very specialized interests.