Senior Engineer (Lead)

Blockchain/Web3 Project | Full-time | Remote

About the Project:

We are an early-stage project currently in stealth, with a mission of creating an inclusive destination where users can publish, discover, contribute, share and fund blockchain development projects focusing on Web3 technology. Information about projects and interests in projects are focused into a unified, open and user-friendly platform and all information is curated and governed by the platform community.

You will be working with a competent, fun and inclusive team based across different time zones, from different backgrounds and nationalities dedicated to the development and growth of the community platform and Web3 technology.


We are looking for an engineer that will oversee the development and deployment of the web app, develop key features, help expand the development team and build engineering culture. You should have excellent organisational and problem-solving skills and be able to work independently as well as with a globally distributed team.

You will collaborate with the product team and our core team to help shape and ensure the vision of the product and its user experience. You will lead development projects from their inception to completion and collaborating with the team onward to their deliverables. The role includes, but not limited to:

  • Lead initial operational and technical projects in your team.
  • Curation of a tech stack to build the product.
  • Create and maintain supporting back-end systems.
  • Be responsible for deliverables.
  • Evaluation and improvement of technical concepts to technical specifications.
  • Liaise between team and other OSS/DApp projects.

Most Important:

We understand that not every applicant will know everything. If you believe you have what it takes and are willing to learn and grow, send us your CV our way!

  • 4+ years in software development.
  • 1+ year experience in Blockchain, DApp or similar development is a huge plus!
  • Experience with JS, React and NodeJS.
  • Skilled in some programming languages such as Shell, Typescript or Python.
  • Familiar with p2p/web3 stacks and other distributed system architecture such as Ceramic and IPFS.


  • Experience working remotely
  • Familiar/involved with open source projects
  • Knowledge in Domain Driven Design is a plus!


  • Fluent in English
  • Problem Solver; Resourcefulness
  • Good written communication
  • Sense of humor is a plus!
  • Excellent multitasking and time management skills

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