Everyone Can Fund

"Fund whoever is worth funding."

- Vitalik Buterin

“Fund whoever is worth funding.”

— Vitalik Buterin


Accelerating accountable Dapps and DAOs


ECF is updating its support from a centralized grant program (2018), an open network of funds with member and capitals’ support (2019), to an open, neutral funding platform ECFund (2020), short for Everyone Can Fund, that aims at pushing for Dapps, DAOs, DaiCOs, and PIPs.

The ECFund/Everyone Can Fund platform serves a tech neutral open platform for where the community discuss problems from the angle of finding solutions, and voting with the goals for funding, and at the end of the day, forming a decentralised governance conduit when the platform goes fully decentralised.

The new platform will go through a period of trial and integration with existing Dapps such as Aragon Fund Raising, Aragon DAO Infra, to the end goal of being an unstoppable Dapp. The campaign #takebacktheweb would also feature Embark as a tool for real Dapp development.


  • Stage 1: Direct Funding connected with options of forming a DAO for the projects raising tokens on the platform(with Aragon).

  • Stage 2: Public Discourse/Goal oriented debate feature added to the pre-funding of solution/project discussion, public oversight to the post-funding support (adding features such as bounty and recruitment -gitcoin)

  • Stage 3: Full decentralisation of EveryoneCanFund platform



Funding and Dialogue, among other activities on blockchain


Everyone can fund directly to the causes and projects proposed by anyone


The technology behind the platform will be indifferent to who is using it


Accommodating users’ choices of privacy


The platform intends to integrate modules and blocks of desired functions built and being built in the community, and incubate and fund such technologies to partner in the future


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