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Game On: Announcing ECF New Member MixMarvel

By July 29, 2019March 1st, 2021170 Comments

Ever since the launch of the ECF 2.0, we have been exploring — together with our members, advisors, volunteer experts, applicants, and the larger decentralisation communities — what concerns and priorities ECF should be addressing, to lead necessary progress for our technology and help change the world and lives of the people.

To continue to be an organisation that responds swiftly to the shifting demands of our community and our industry’s ever-changing landscape is a challenge we are determined and prepared to take. We have great learnings about the grant DAOs and programs and that we plan to share with you all soon, and we call upon your participation as well.

Meanwhile, received zealously by the community, we are joined by one prominent contributor to our community as a member of the ECF: MixMarvel. They will be the 7th member and ecosystem partner of ECF following the founding members StatusCosmosGolemWEB3Maker, and Omisego. MixMarvel is widely recognised by their outstanding performance in blockchain game development and distribution. They are going to set up an ecosystem fund with ECF, dedicated to supporting more blockchain gaming projects and responding to both the evolution of the technology and the gaming market’s demands. More information will be updated on

About MixMarvel
MixMarvel is a leading blockchain game publishing platform, committed to creating the next generation of gaming-powered blockchain technology. MixMarvel launched several blockchain games such as HyperDragons,


HyperSnakes and helped a series of high-quality gaming projects transition into the blockchain gaming track.


Gaming is one the most likely paths to mainstream adoption of blockchain technology. We are convinced that MixMarvel’s participation in our initiatives would exert light in the tunnel of all our pragmatic ideals.

Despite how time flies but feels slow in crypto, sometimes it’s merely difficult to know whether the light at the end of the tunnel is a hope or another journey. Hence in the spirit of living fully in our quest together, enjoy the fun(d) of the blockchain games we have!

The warmest welcome goes to MixMarvel joining the ECF Family!

About ECF

Mission: To harmonize community concerns through various, mutually agreeable means such as grants, strategic and operational support, and community events, in the form of an open network of funds, emphasizing the original vision of many funds contributing to the common good.

To join ECF as a member please write to or shoot any ideas you have to

Contact MixMarvel
Twitter: @mixmarvelgame