To Own The Future



#Take Back The Web

#Takebacktheweb is a community initiative. It aims to boost the decentralized web properties and incentivize and facilitate the use of them. Real, true Dapps with the tooling Embark on the coming Everyone-Can-Fund platform.


Everyone Can Fund

ECF is launching the Everyone-Can-Fund platform to promote #1 efficient public debate and oversight, and #2 direct capital voting. It is a 3rd Iteration of ECF’s service and product. Its focus is to accelerate DAOs, PIPs, and usage of accountable fund raising such as DAICO for the original web3 vision.

Supporting Projects

ECF has been supporting a variety of projects ranging from infrastructure, tooling, UX/design, community initiatives, events, either granted in during ECF’s operation as a grant program or referred to funds in the ECF Network. See full list below and to view more details here.


Stay tuned for updates of ECF, EveryoneCanFund and #takebacktheweb.