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Non-Fungible Blogpost

By September 13, 2018March 1st, 2021279 Comments

Thanks to Chibi Fighters, Panda Earth and Cryptobots for their art

At ECF, we focus on educational events. We are not keen on ephemeral announcements that are easily forgotten. The best events are incredibly unique, maybe even non-fungible.

By definition, a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is:

“a special type of cryptographic token which represents something unique; nonfungible tokens are thus not interchangeable. This is in contrast to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, and many networks or utility tokens that are fungible in nature.”

Our community is unique, non-interchangeable and we’d never trade it either, so we decided to build an event to reflect this!

During this event, we will announce some new grantees, and framing our announcements in this manner will then hopefully make them… non-fungible announcements?

Now onto the event:

We are happy to announce, in collaboration with BuildETH, THE NON-FUNGIBLE SUMMIT!

We believe that Non-Fungible tokens will unlock a whole new world of opportunities and use-cases for Blockchain.

We want to bring like-minded builders and developers together to share ideas and work.

The NonFungible Summit (October 12th, 218) is a one-day event focusing on the design, uses, applications, and potential of non-fungible tokens and digital ownership.

Its goal is to host a builder-led discussion that attracts developers, software architects, crypto-economists and others involved in or interested in building the token economy.

XLNT, from the first wave of ECF grantees, has been providing advice, expertise and help to put this event together, while curating the speakers. Alongside Matt Condon from XLNT, we will have prominent “Non-Fungible Speakers”, as Dani Grant (Gravity), Coleman Maher (Origin) , Elena Nadolinski (Airbnb), ECF Alumni & Artist Billy Rennenkamp (Clovers Network), Matt Stephenson (Planck), Philippe Castonguay (ChronoLogic), Grant Hummer (SF Ethereum Developers) and Andy Morales (Consensys), Chris Robison (Hoard) among others…

It promises to be a fun, inspiring, and thought-provoking event and one of the best ways to spend an October Friday in San Francisco!

Want to attend?

Would you like to apply as a speaker? Please use this speaker form.

Would you like to become a sponsor? Please use this sponsorship form.

Want to help us achieve our vision, sponsor and get some spotlight?

E-mail Ken: and cc

Looking forward to seeing you in SF!